Our studio is small by design. Our capabilities are immense. 

A Dedicated Team
With nearly three decades of industry experience, Conifer has the creative and professional expertise to produce a diverse range of print, digital and web design projects. Led by design director Philip Krayna, the Conifer team includes a deep roster of dedicated freelance talent, including specialists in print production, website coding and development, search engine optimization, user interface and user experience, as well as copywriting and marketing.

Our team can expand as needed for larger projects, but the ethos of “keeping it small” allows our consultancy to be nimble, responsive to deadlines, and focused on giving our clients the individualized attention they deserve.

A Highly-Skilled Leader
Philip Krayna began his design career at the studio of reknowned publication designer Roger Black in New York City, assisting with the redesign of prominent magazines including Esquire, Time and Smart Money. While in New York, he also worked as assistant photo editor at Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine. After relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area, Philip served as a designer at Mother Jones magazine and an art director at Bank of America, before establishing Conifer.

His interest and involvement in the design field is wide-ranging. As a design instructor at the California College of the Arts and the University of Santa Cruz Extension, he taught classes in both typography and design theory. Philip curated design exhibits in collaboration with the San Francisco Center for the Book, where he also taught letterpress printing using vintage wood type and a mid-19th century letterpress. His passion for typography led to a collaboration with San Francisco-based Psy-Ops Foundry to resurrect and digitize historical typefaces. He is currently a guest lecturer in the design department at San Jose State University.

Additionally, Philip writes frequently about design trends and design influentials for major industry periodicals including Communication Arts, Print and Metropolis. His self-published books of photography include include BoxxCarr, Sequestered, Chaminade, and Wildroot. You can view his online portfolio of images at boxxcarr.com.